Femtech, Officially Not Niche By $1T

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The newly published FemTech Landscape Report 2021 examines the femtech industry landscape and burgeoning trends with new, original data. The whitepaper, co-authored by FemTech Focus and Coyote Ventures, intends to strengthen women’s health and wellness innovation initiatives, and gives credence to the implication that women’s health is everyone’s health. 

Utilizing resources like Crunchbase, the authors created the largest public databases of femtech startups, exits and market sizes, and analyzed the data to report innovation and investment trends. Key takeaways from the research uncovered in the FemTech Landscape Report 2021 include: 

  • The women’s health market size is estimated to reach $1.19 trillion by 2027 globally.
  • There have been 105 femtech company exits *to date with an average exit value of $301 million.
  • The most common subsections of female health (51 percent of the femtech startup landscape) include menstruation, maternal health, fertility and sexual wellness.
  • Only 1 percent of existing femtech companies address chronic women’s health conditions, despite it being the largest share of the femtech market ($218 billion).

The report defines femtech as innovations that improve women, females’ and girls’ health and wellness by addressing conditions that solely, (Read more...)