Leading From Fear

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

Worth dissecting where we are with Covid.  Instead of watching the television, or listening to blowhard politicians, it is best to look at data and statistics.  Unfortunately, most people do not understand stats.  Most of the stats you see in the news are manipulated in some way to drive an opinion.

People use fear to whip and drive people. They use fear to control them. One of the things I learned trading is if I traded from a place of fear, I made bad decisions. As I invested in startups, I saw CEOs wrestle with fear. The ones that handled it did better than the ones that were controlled by it.

Fear is a powerful emotion because of the chemicals that are released into the body. We are genetically ingrained for flight or fight. Animals are too. I see a lot of wild animals up here in Northern Minnesota all summer long and all of them choose flight when you happen upon them. I have seen wolves, bears, moose, deer, fox, and coyotes. All have run rather than face me. Flight is a lot easier than fight.

Same goes for humans. It’s easier to accept all the bullshit that comes down than fight it.

Check this out:

Covid is just not as serious as the politicians are making it out to be. They have another goal. Increase their power. Political entities love power. The Founders recognized that and enshrined people’s rights into the Constitution. It’s worth pointing out the Constitution (Read more...)