America Needs Transparency

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

I have resisted all the chatter about the mental and cognitive abilities of President Joe Biden. I have read where he is senile, has dementia, or some other malady.  I have seen doctors who haven’t examined him weigh in and I have discounted it all.   I remember early in the Trump Administration where left-wingers wanted to enact the 25th Amendment and said Trump was mentally compromised. Congresspeople like Adam Schiff even encouraged the talk in his quest to undermine the President.

It seems every day, Biden puts an end to his Presidential activities very early.  It’s not to play golf either.  Obama and Trump both played a lot of golf but it was on weekends.  Biden goes to nap or rest or do whatever he does.

One thing I will compare and contrast is this.  A few years ago I attended a Chicago Economic Club dinner featuring ex-President Barack Obama.  I was not, and am not politically aligned with Obama and think he is one of the worst Presidents the country has ever had.  He had a friendly audience in Chicago along with friendly questions.

One thing that he said struck me.  I think it is true no matter who is President, and whether you are politically aligned with the President or not.  It’s true if you like the President, identify with the President, or abhor (Read more...)