The Winners Write History

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

I remember after 9/11, there was a fervor across America to make the bad guys pay.  It took until 2003, but President Bush was going to make the bad guys pay.  The bad guys were in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Remember the hearings at the UN?  Hans Blick said there were no weapons of mass destruction.  Colin Powell said there were.

Those hearings turned Powell into a Democrat.

Turns out, there were WMD in Iraq and they spirited them out of the country before we got there.  In early battles, we decimated the Iraq army, and decimated the Taliban.  From all news reports, we were “winning”.

Then came an election and Bush put up the banner, “Mission Accomplished”.  That was the tell.  No one knew the mission.  When you don’t know the mission, you can’t win.  They tried to articulate the mission, but even when they said exactly what it was the fighting on the ground said otherwise.

The war was terribly politicized at home.  Every day and week, mainstream media slanted their coverage.

I remember thinking back then that Bush will go down as the President that remade the Middle East, or go down as one of the biggest goats in history-and that doesn’t mean greatest of all time.  Bush didn’t remake any of the Middle East countries formerly trapped by radical Islam to be a peaceful loving democratic republic.

Obama didn’t do much more.  He extended the war.  He was always an uncomfortable war president having no knowledge of (Read more...)