Weekend Reads and Listens

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning everyone.

As usual, on Sunday I share some reads and listens.

This week I am headed back to Phoenix to get back in the studio with Knut to make my next series of ‘Panic Podcasts’. I have a great group to interview and talk markets and startups and growth.

Ok lets get started…

Crypto is ripping again and I am glad I added Bitcoin and Ethereum back to my 8-80 portfolio during the crash in May. Gold on the other hand is not. Tadas has a note on the disappointing year in Gold.

I have read many ‘smart’ takes on why China is cracking down on its own tech industry. Here is one take I thought was pretty good.

Metaverse this and metaverse that…this is the year of the ‘Metaverse’ and everyone tech, media and gaming company seems to have a plan and a dog in the race. Here is Ben Thompson on the subject.

Here is Morgan Housel on ‘The Highest Forms of Wealth‘ (hint-Time)

As for good listens…here is Marc Andreessen chatting with Bloomberg’s David Rubenstein on all things tech.

If you have not listened to my interview with Etoro founder and CEO Yoni Assia, you should. It was a good conversation on investing and crypto.