Women In Russian VC: How Gender Stereotypes Hinder Investment

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Women in Russian Venture Capital 2021, initiated by Zerno Ventures, is the first survey and report in Russia that focuses on the role of women in the venture capital ecosystem.

Zerno Ventures is the first VC impact fund in Russia with a gender lens. The goal of the fund is to form a venture portfolio with at least 50 percent female-founded startups. The authors of the survey conducted polls and in-depth interviews with female and male founders and CEOs of Russian startups, as well as turning to open sources on venture capital financing in Russia and the world (Dsight, Crunchbase, and Pitchbook). The scope of the report includes:

  • 5,404 Russian startups;
  • 934 Russian female-founded startups;
  • 1,454 venture deals with 1,203 Russian startups; and
  • 150 questionnaires from respondents (founders, startup CEOs and investors).
Women in Russian VC report cover image

The issue of gender diversity in the venture capital industry has been actively studied and discussed all over the world. For the Women in Russian Venture Capital 2021 report, the authors were particularly curious to understand the gender diversity of Russian founders. One of the main conclusions of the study (Read more...)