The Game Plan

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

If you don’t think Democrats have a game plan you are either stupid, or have your head in the sand.  Right now, it looks like Republicans are going to overwhelm them in House and Senate elections come 2022.  The Democratic Game Plan is pretty clear.

  1.  Spend like there is no tomorrow.  Justify the spending with studies from saltwater economists who favor central planning and government solutions to problems.  Hey, the Russians had academic studies back up their policies too.  So does the Communist Party of China.  The infrastructure bill that Republicans agreed to is just a giveaway to public sector unions and cronies.
  2. Create a lot of dependence on government. Institute basic income.
  3. Re-create the pandemic.  They need masks, lockdowns, and other totalitarian instruments of control to keep fear flowing through people.  They are following the fear, not the science.  Democratic governors are already starting more totalitarian policies.  Watch Illinois.  This week is Lollapalooza.  The state needs the tax revenue.  Next week, Democratic Machine tool JB Pritzker will trot out a statement that says “We are seeing rising cases of Covid and we need to stop the spread.”  Mask orders will go into effect and so will limited hours/seating capacities at bars and restaurants.
  4. Re-engineer the military.  They need the military to enforce socialism.
  5. Continue to control education so they create stupid people.  Sheep are easier to lead than people who can think for themselves and are independent.
  6. None of the governors wants to be on the hook for (Read more...)