Stark CEO Cat Noone on Accessibility, Design, and Leaving the World a Better Place

The Crunchbase “Female Founder Series,” is a series of stories, Q&As, and thought-leadership pieces from glass-ceiling-smashers who overcame the odds and are now leading successful companies.

Cat Noone is passionate about ensuring everyone can access the world’s latest innovations. That’s why Noone co-founded Stark and developed a suite of tools designed to help make widely used software products more accessible. 

In this Q&A, Noone shares more about her entrepreneurial journey, including the difficulties she faced showing the ROI of accessibility, her experience raising the company’s first funding round, and the resources she’s leveraged to succeed.

Cat Noone, co-founder and CEO of Stark


Q: When did you first realize you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I don’t know if I ever wanted to specifically be an entrepreneur. Even now I don’t consider myself to be one. I view myself as someone who is discontent with leaving things as they are and not doing anything about them despite that change being within my means and skill set.

When I entered the tech industry I quickly learned that there’s so much to fix here, and on a global scale, too. Spend enough time working on the right things and you realize how much of a role tech plays in the global GDP, and that it’s very much so a “one hand washes the other, two hands wash the face” situation.

The digital tools we use on a daily basis are a (literal) product of our environment, and the idea that (Read more...)