I Did Not Know That

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Congrats to the Milwaukee Bucks on having a GREAT team and winning the NBA Championship.


I am over in Europe for the first time in a while (that COVID thingy) and as always, I assume everything that works for me in the USA will seamlessly work for me while I travel abroad.

At 10 PM I figured I would go to bed and wake up at 3 am to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals on YouTube TV.

I was doing an ‘Ambien’ test run of my plan and I got this message from Youtube:

First off, I think the ‘get help‘ message from YouTube was a tad personal. It did not even come with a clickable link!

I shuffled over to Twitter and posted my problem…

I can’t watch the Suns/Milwaukee game on YouTube TV from Europe at 3 am – but Jeff Bezos can go to space

I got some great advice re VPN’s and this hack to Youtube TV from a Shopify product manager (thanks) but I was in bed and the ambien was kicking in, so I texted Max and said to send me the score down and dirty so when I wake up I know. Now that they lost I am glad I did not watch.

PS – I have long been putting a plan together to make a great investor interview show inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars’. Yesterday on a flight out of Frankfurt I got a glance (Read more...)