Digital client onboarding with no code needed — HelloFlow raises $1.6m to revolutionise client onboarding and identity verification

This post is by Polina Stavrovski from Seedcamp

HelloFlow Co-Founders Ciprian Florescu (left) and Mikkel Skarnager (right)

In a world where client onboarding can take a week if not more, Mikkel Skarnager and Ciprian Florescu saw an opportunity. These days, the many outdated onboarding solutions are cost-intensive, and don’t effectively integrate with local regulatory services in a short time. With HelloFlow, setting up a client onboarding process takes minutes, not weeks – and no coding needed. HelloFlow has now closed a $1.6m seed round led by Seedcamp and Danish VC PreSeed Ventures in an effort to tap into a rapidly growing market that is estimated to be valued at €1 billion. 

We met the team back in March and are thrilled to have led the initial investment to support their vision in simplifying the digital onboarding process. From day one, Mikkel and Ciprian demonstrated their depth of knowledge for the space and their ambition for building a breakthrough company in the client onboarding space. 

“Using the platform, you can set up a proper, sleek, and compliant onboarding process and share it with the clients, all inside a single day,” Mikkel Skarnager comments, Co-Founder and CEO of HelloFlow. “This makes it possible to launch your service in new markets across the world within 10 minutes.” Mikkel’s vision to create a solution with low barriers to digitalization came from being in charge of Digital Transformation at Saxo Bank, where he built a bespoke onboarding and customer identity verification (KYC) setup and trading platform for the Danish bank.

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