Leading by Example: Why It’s Not Important Where Eric Adams Lives

“The term 'residence' shall be deemed to mean that place where a person maintains a fixed, permanent and principal home and to which he, wherever temporarily located, always intends to return.”

Putting aside the archaic gendering of the law, this one sentence written into New York State’s Election Law that defines the residency requirements of candidates is one of the laziest and most ridiculous pieces of text I’ve ever seen. NY1’s Errol Louis is right. It needs to be clarified and I’m grateful that he dug it up.

He dug it up, of course, because there have been some recent questions as to where NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams actually lives. It’s a bizarre story and the details basically amount to this:

  1. Adams lists a rental property in Bed Stuy as his home address.

  2. It seems clear that his son is living full time in the apartment that Adams claims as his own.

  3. It seems clear that Adams lives with this girlfriend in Fort Lee, NJ.


I would have assumed this would have disqualified him from running and that this would amount to nothing short of election fraud.

It doesn’t—at least, not according to the law.

What seems pretty likely, or at least plausible, is that maybe Adams was living in this Bed Stuy apartment at one time, before he moved in with his girlfriend, and that once he did, he let his son use his place. That is a totally reasonable and admirable thing as a dad as (Read more...)