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I was back in Miami again …just for a night. I really like the food, the weird weather and the loud people.

There is a big crypto conference happening so it was a great time to see some people I had not seen in a couple years in one spot.

It turns out that 18 months off did not hurt my ability to put together a fun dinner party and we had 16 smart people at Mr. Chows.

My friend Yoni Assia the founder and CEO of Etoro was on of my guests. I am not sure why I did not make him pay because his most recent quarter of growth was dizzying…

They added 3.1 million new users in the first quarter of 2021 and clocked in 5.2 million users for the full year 2020. In total, eToro has reported 20 million registered users.

Of course I asked Yoni about all things crypto and he remains a Bitcoin and Ethereum maximalist.

My good friend Jan Van Eck has been deep in crypto for a long time running his asset management firm and he compared Ethereum to MS-DOS. His point being even if Ethereum is not ‘THE’ platform, MS-DOS was pretty damn good to Microsoft.

After dinner Jan Van Eck, and I ran into Sam Bankman the founder of FTX and I was a fly on the wall as they riffed about the state of the crypto markets, derivatives and regulations around the world as it relates to crypto. Sam (Read more...)