After Diversifying Silicon Valley, Angela Benton is Tackling Data Ownership

A seasoned entrepreneur and tech executive, Angela Benton has successfully launched three companies. Her latest is Streamlytics, a next-generation data ecosystem that provides ethical, human-powered data, to democratize data collection that compensates consumers for opting in to share their data.

Angela made her first impact as an entrepreneur when she launched BlackWeb 2.0 in 2007. The multimedia platform provided black tech professionals a space to connect and discuss the intersection of Black culture and tech and ensured that an underrepresented group was involved in an emerging space that would undoubtedly dominate and transform the world. Angela’s following venture, NewMe, helped minorities and women raise over $47 million in venture capital funding and is largely responsible for diversifying the tech industry.

A groundbreaking tech exec, mother to three daughters, and breast cancer survivor, Angela shares why she is no longer waiting for acceptance and instead showing up and creating her own path.

Angela Benton, Streamlytics CEO

Q: Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

No, I actually started my first company while I still had another job. The startup I was working at closed and laid everyone off. At that point, I had to decide on whether to pursue my passion, which was running the company I started, or apply to jobs. It was a big risk, but I ended up taking it. It wasn’t the safest route, but it was worth it. 

Q: After launching two successful startups, how did you decide it was time (Read more...)