Crunchbase Q&A with Jessica Lindl, Vice President of Social Impact at Unity

The Crunchbase “Female Founder Series,” is a series of stories, Q&As, and thought-leadership pieces from glass-ceiling-smashers who overcame the odds and are now leading successful companies.

Throughout her career, Jessica has been a champion for social impact, working to improve learning outcomes and earning potential for all learners worldwide. In 2012, Jessica ran a company using Unity as a platform for social impact and fell in love with the power and scale of the platform as a means for making change. 

As the Vice President of Social Impact at Unity, Jessica focuses on empowering Unity creators and employees to make the world a better place. In this interview, we asked Jessica about how her career path and why she felt this was the right field for her. 

“Even large, successful companies have an obligation to remember that shareholders aren’t the only people invested in their success.” – Unity’s Jessica Lindl on social impact and technology. 

Q: Why did you choose to enter your field/profession?

I’ve always been passionate about education and had a knack for business so a career in social impact and technology seemed like a natural fit for me, and one that I’ve been lucky to spend two decades growing in. 

My mom was a diehard first-grade teacher and I saw how hard it was for her to raise a family while working 70 hour work weeks, so I spent the first decade of my career using technology to make education impactful and easier for (Read more...)