VC University ONLINE: June 2021 Cohort Begins Today!

VC University ONLINE: June 2021 Cohort Begins Today!

Launched in 2019, VC University is an educational certificate course, jointly operated by NVCAVenture Forward, and Startup@BerkeleyLaw

VC University ONLINE participants learn the nuts and bolts of venture finance through self-paced lectures, interactive assessments, virtual office hours, monthly webinars with faculty and industry experts, and interviews with leading venture capitalists.  Serving more than 200 participants, the June cohort will mark our seventh sold–out course.  

One of VC University’s goals is to democratize access to quality VC education. Since the program’s inception, Venture Forward and Startup@BerkleyLaw have reserved at least 10% of seats for full scholarship recipients, awarded to aspiring and early-career investors, from historically underrepresented and underestimated backgrounds. 

Thanks to the generous financial support of several VC firms committed to creating a more diverse and equitable VC ecosystem, we’ve been able to expand the number of full scholarships we can offer: of the 200+ participants in the June 2021 cohort, we awarded 43 full scholarships to talented, early-career VCs!

We’ve also been able to expand the scholarship itself: in addition to covering the cost of VC University tuition, the full scholarship now also includes a highly-rated 3-month mentorship component. New to the June cohort is our Life Science Scholarship track, which offers focused resources and support to our scholarship recipients who are pursuing careers in life science investing.

We receive hundreds of scholarship applications for each cohort, leading to a rigorous and competitive selection process. In keeping with the scholarship’s goal of supporting underrepresented, aspiring VCs, we consider demographic factors, such as race, gender, ethnicity, veteran status, (Read more...)