Sunday Reads and A Quiet Dare I Say Sad SOHO in Manhattan

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I am finally back in New York. The last time I was here was February 2020.

It feels great to be back, but it sure is different.

Unfortunately it is cold. Too cold for the end of May.

I was walking around SOHO late yesterday and it feels like more than 50 percent of the storefronts are gone/empty.

The streets are very quiet for a Saturday but like I mentioned…it is cold.

It seems impossible that SOHO will not bounce back completely and some smart retail entrepreneurs and brands will take advantage of the changes. I know my brain is buzzing with ideas.


A couple of reads that I really enjoyed and got me thinking this week …

Ben Thompson – ‘Market Making On The Internet‘ was fantastic. This subject is near and dear to my heart as a longtime Twitter product die hard who worries that Twitter will blow it and leave me with no audience.

Ben takes a look at how Twitter, Shopify and Spotify (three companies in my 8-80 portfolio that I own myself) are trying to fulfill a promise of web 2.0 by offering interoperability. It is not perfect of course because of the centralization of web 2.0 leaders, but it is possible. As Ben points out:

What is neat about markets is that they create the conditions for win-win outcomes; Spotify aligning with creators doesn’t hurt Spotify’s core business, it enhances it by making sure Spotify’s podcast service is as complete as (Read more...)