How To Meet Your Sales Goals By Managing Your Sales Pipeline

There is no question that sales is the driving force of a business. Your sales staff directly influences growth and holds the responsibility of maintaining or bolstering revenue. Thus, it’s essential that the staff you have in place is 100% capable. Capable salespeople set SMART goals, establish a sales pipeline, and tweak their approach as needed to close deals and meet their sales goals.


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Here is some insight that will help you improve your performance, making it easier to meet sales goals and hit quota.


How to Establish SMART Sales Goals

You may very well be familiar with the acronym SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. SMART goal-setting objectives are simple and effective. 

SMART sales goals setting graphic
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You want to have something specific to strive for, such as a revenue mark or a number of leads you want to convert in a given time period. Not only will a defined goal paint a finish line, but it will enable you to track your progress. Goals are meant to be black and white. Sure, you can analyze and reflect on your path to the goal, but, when time is up, did you (Read more...)