The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Nietzsche – Brad Feld Winning In His Fifties

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

My good friend and mentor Brad Feld is the same age as me and he continues into his mid fifties as a prolific author on the subject of entrepreneurship.

His latest book is titled’ The Entrepreneur’s Weekly Nietzsche’ – you can buy it here.

I just ordered the book to read myself so best I just share Brad’s blog post on the style and strategy of the book.

Here is Brad’s quick summary…

The book contains 52 individual chapters (hence the “Weekly” in the title) and is divided into five major sections (Strategy, Culture, Free Spirits, Leadership, and Tactics). Each chapter begins with a quote from one of Nietzsche’s works, using a public domain translation, followed by our own adaptation of the quote to 21st-century English. Next is a brief essay applying the quote to entrepreneurship. About two-thirds of the chapters include a narrative by or about an entrepreneur we know (or know of), telling a concrete story from their personal experience as it applies to the quote, the essay, or both.

Our goal with this book is to make you think, rather than try to tell you the answers.

Congrats Brad.