Women Leaders on How to Build an Inclusive Team Culture (at Any Company Size)

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Whether you are a small business owner or work alongside thousands of others at a large corporation, building an inclusive culture is a non-negotiable to ensure all employees have the opportunity to thrive in their careers. But, creating an inclusive workplace will never be a one-and-done task. Rather, the work requires a long-term commitment to learning and a willingness to go the extra mile. 

The following 12 women leaders have made inspiring strides in ensuring they meet the diverse needs within their teams, ultimately setting an example of upfront and ongoing effort. 

In fact, their commitment to diversity and inclusivity extends far beyond the teams they’re currently leading. Their trailblazing impacts have the power to permeate to the future of their companies and those who aspire to create similar work cultures—hopefully leading to a more diverse and inclusive world as a whole.


Mandy Bynum McLaughlin

Co-Founder and CEO at Race Equ(al)ity Project, an inclusive design studio with a mission to drive accountability for racial equity through data.

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