Busy Summer..And Winning In Your Fifties

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I am really excited about this summer.

We are helping Rachel with her move to Manhattan this weekend. Rachel works at Rally Rd which has an HQ in SOHO. Rachel has been working from home (our home) and like every young adult that has had to do that it has been grueling. Not for Ellen and I of course.

From all my friends reports living in Manhattan, the city is quickly coming back. My personal opinion is that the summer and fall of 2021 will be one of the best times ever to start your life and career in New York City.

This week I am in the studio taping two months worth of ‘Panic With Friends’ podcasts so that both Knut and I can travel and ignore the studio work for 2-3 months. Nikita took her first flight in 16 months (Vancouver to Phoenix) to be in the studio and mix it up.

In crowding together so many smart guests from my founder and investor network, I am already getting some themes and trends that should stand out in the post COVID world. I will share them this weekend from the road.

This past weekend watching Phil Mickelson win the PGA at 51 years of age was exciting. I was doing my MBA at Arizona State University when Phil joined the ASU golf team. Knut, Tom (my partner) and I – all classmates – shared the ASU Karsten golf course with Phil and his teammates. Phil was already famous (Read more...)