Rational Optimism Is the Way Out

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Pessimism is self-fulfilling

Naval: In general, professions in which you get your feedback from other members of that profession tend to get corrupted.

When you see a journalist writing articles to impress other journalists or a restaurant owner trying to impress other foodies and restaurant owners, it’s usually not practical or high-quality.

The journalist or restaurant owner may receive accolades within certain elite circles, but that doesn’t reflect reality.

A scientist or an experimentalist gets feedback from Mother Nature, and an entrepreneur gets feedback from a free market in which people vote with their money and time. Those are much better predictors.

People who get paid to operate in the real world tend to be optimistic. People who operate in ivory towers are incentivized to be pessimists.

Brett: To be an entrepreneur, you need to be optimistic about the fact that you’re creating something that other people are going to find value in.

People who have a pessimistic philosophy tend to have a pessimistic psychology as well.

If you’re constantly thinking about all the ways in which the world is going to wreck and ruin, then this has a day-to-day impact on your outlook on everything—the rest of society, your family, and your friends—because you think this world is condemned.

You’re going to feel that weight on your shoulders, and that’s going to come through in how you present yourself to the rest of the world.

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