Identifying Investment Opportunity on the Edge

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In chaotic and unpredictable times like these, when a band of individual investors can make or break a stock like Gamestop, investors both large and small are anxious to find actionable insights that will tell them where the market is going, where growth can be found, and what reliable stocks represent a safe harbor of sorts. None of these are easy asks in a financial ecosystem being ravaged by a pandemic, global and domestic sociopolitical unrest, emerging cryptocurrencies, divergent outlooks on trade policy, and the question on every economist’s mind:  what “to do about” China.


An investment crystal ball

Sometimes, in economies as chaotic as this one, investors will look to past markets hoping to glean intel on what’s likely to occur next. Others argue that our markets have never faced circumstances like this, and intelligence from the past is baseless. 

While there’s no crystal ball for predicting the future, prognostication is getting closer to reality, at least in one area of analytics. As a patent attorney, I know that patents for innovative products and services require official filing before public use. This means that patent data can be (Read more...)