Social Leverage Companies In The News Growing and Raising Capital

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

We are seed investors so it is always exciting when the companies we back execute extremely well, grow and attract more capital. Recently, four of our fund 4 companies have raised large later stage rounds.

First is in Boston. What do they do?

1upHealth provides data interoperability between healthcare systems at a very low cost, fractions of a cent per API call, utilizing the latest FHIR® standards, and patient-authorized access, to ensure the best insights at the lowest costs across healthcare providers for low-income, diverse, and vulnerable populations.

Our organization is built entirely to support digital health companies. 1upHealth is building THE foundational API platform for healthcare application developers from health systems, health insurance payers, pharma, and digital health startups. Overall, we have more than 300 companies using our APIs which enable connectivity to over 10,000 health systems across the US.

The product is loved, sales are growing rapidly and now they have a $25 million series B to keep growing. We participated in the round.

Next is Logixboard (Seattle) which recently raised a $13 million series A. Logixboard is a white-labeled platform for freight forwarders to modernize their customer experience and stand out from the crowd with world-class visibility tools. The product has incredible early traction and is loved.

Next is Nayya which is one of the fastest growing companies (out of the gate) we have ever invested in. Nayya powers employee engagement by personalizing benefits education and transforming the way employees choose & use their (Read more...)