Game On

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In discussions with founders and investors, as well as interviews, I describe the role that games have played in my career. It’s become a somewhat quirky facet of my public persona: Reid Hoffman, game geek. I love games, and I love talking about them. But none of these profiles has ever focused on the games themselves. They might (at best) mention one or two games and muse.

So, for the latest episode of Greymatter, I sat down with my friend, Blitzscaling co-author, and fellow game geek Chris Yeh to take a deep dive into the details of how games have shaped my personality and career. Not only do we discuss why I think games are so valuable for entrepreneurs, we take an in-depth, geeky look at the specific games that impacted my life.

You can listen to our discussion on the Greymatter podcast here.


In my experience, games are one of the best ways to understand the important field of strategy. Strategy arose from the life-and-death stakes of warfare. Choose a good strategy, and your tribe or nation would win the battle or the war. Choose poorly, and you might be driven out of existence. To help develop winning strategies, militaries developed wargames as a way to explore various strategies and analyze specific scenarios. And while most of the important games in my life are not wargames, they share with wargames the ability to ask and answer key questions: