Shapes of San Francisco

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Through most of the pandemic lockdown, I was religious about my morning walks. It was the only time of the day I felt comfortable going out for a walk without a mask. Lately, that habit of going out before the sunrise had fallen off the wayside. I started to walk (and bike) during the day — sometimes to get coffee or just some exercise. 

Earlier this month, however, I left home early, walked down the Embracadero, and then up the Market Street and turned right on the Second Street. I wanted to make a two-mile loop. While walking up the empty street, I spotted a visual composition that caught my eye. It was enough for me to interrupt my walk and stop. 

The LinkedIn building on Second Street is such a perfect rectangle of rectangles. Its dark glass exterior further enhances the building’s clean edges and many right angles. I had an iPhone 12 ProMax, so I knew I would capture the image in Apple’s ProRaw format. Further, I knew that Adobe’s Super Resolution would help me enhance the file to get a good quality crop. The shapes, angles, and mood of the morning deserved a B&W treatment. 

I found the best angle from an alley leading to the SF Transit Terminal. I made two images of the LinkedIn building using the telephoto lens on the iPhone. And while searching for the right angle, I ended up capturing a side angle of the bridge that links the terminal (Read more...)