In-Person vs On-Screen

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

We had our monthly founder Zoom this week and discussed policies for employees coming back to the office.

The question is going to be asked more and more as we head into the summer.

All the venture firms are asking the same question.

Fred Wilson wrote about it well here.

Many of my ‘in-person’ habits related to work have changed forever, but I am 55 and was mostly a remote worker before COVID. I liked this part from Fred on the subject of raising capital…

For certain things, like raising capital and investing capital, on-screen works pretty well. Founders have figured out that they can raise capital from their kitchens, bedrooms, and offices in weeks vs roadshows that lasted months. I don’t think we will see founders going back on the road in any material way ever again. And founders in Singapore can access capital markets in NYC with ease. And investors in NYC can access investments in Singapore with ease. These are all important and disruptive changes to the startup, tech, and business sectors.

For the company itself it is much different and I agree with Fred…

Each company needs to figure this out in a way that works for their team and culture and I believe that there is no “right way” for everyone. But I also believe that in-person interactions remain critical to making better decisions, better products, better cultures, and better companies and so I would encourage everyone, including the fully remote teams, to figure (Read more...)