All Clear-By The Way The Vaccine Is Safe

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

My wife and I drove to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester over the past few days.  I had to come here for a CT Scan.  The doctors here wanted the scan on the same exact machine I used before so there was no getting around a trip to Rochester.  My scans were clear and I am normal.

This whole thing could have been avoided if I had not run humidifiers 24/7 in my house after we moved to Las Vegas.  That was the cause of the whole cascade.

I was recently in the hospital for what I thought was an interaction of the drug I was taking, Imuran ( azathioprine), and the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine.  It was pretty nasty.  I had a 105 degree fever and my joints froze.  I couldn’t walk.  I literally used my wife’s hiking poles to walk to and from the bathroom.

In Vegas, despite having all the information, the doctors never put two and two together.  It turns out 5% of the population is allergic to Imuran.  Once you stop it, the symptoms go away almost immediately.  When you take it again, they come on even stronger as your body has a worse reaction than the first time.

Las Vegas has a lot going for it but the health care there is subpar to put it lightly.  The people I have met there tell me that the first thing you do when you find out you are sick is going to McCarran Airport.  (Read more...)