5 Ways To Set Up Your Fast-Growing Sales Team For Success

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Sales has been, and always will be, the linchpin for many technology companies. Outside of the obvious revenue growth, they also drive companywide culture and are on the front lines of talking to customers every day, which then informs product roadmap, new markets and marketing strategies. Simply put, getting sales right is the difference between success and failure. 

And the root cause for a lot of good or bad comes down to how skilled your team is. If you don’t have a properly trained sales team, hitting revenue targets as you grow will be difficult if not impossible. Missed targets created rifts in culture and then the snowball effect is well on its way. 

Here are five ways to ensure your sales team is ready and skilled to grow as you scale your fast-growing startup.   


1. Get your culture right and focus on appreciation vs. recognition. 

The average sales turnover rate is 35 percent, which is nearly triple the average turnover rate across all industries (13 percent). So why are sales professionals more likely to leave their jobs compared to other occupations? Appreciation — or lack (Read more...)