Wide Open Spaces

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

We drove from Southwest Wyoming to Eastern South Dakota today.  Stopped at Mount Rushmore.  Had a nice spring snowstorm at 7000 feet in Wyoming on a two-lane highway which was fun.  Two states, 13 hours in the car…..We drive a diesel, so it is easier on the pocketbook when it comes to fuel.  We pay around $3.40/gallon in Nevada.  In South Dakota, I could get fuel for .17 a gallon cheaper so not a huge difference.

I keep reading about inflation, and while I see higher prices on lots of raw materials, goods, and services, there is a part of me that thinks the shock to supply chains was so hard, they haven’t caught up yet.  If the government would just stop spending money we’d be better off.

Here was the line for the Monday check-in at Caesar’s.

Of course, all the businesses in Vegas are having trouble getting workers to come back to work. I wonder why?  Maybe if we stopped paying people not to work, allowed property owners to enforce rents we’d see a better jobs report.

When I drive across the country I am always amazed at the wide-open spaces in America.  Literally, in Wyoming, you’d go miles without seeing a house.  You’d see a lot of cattle.  Because it is spring, it’s cute to see all the calves that have been born and are lounging around.  In Wyoming, you’d see some (Read more...)