The Hard Thing About a Hard City: Why I Support Kathryn Garcia for Mayor of NYC

This post is by Charlie O’Donnell from This is going to be BIG

Kathryn Garcia wants to be Mayor of New York City.

No, I mean, she actually wants to do the job.

It’s not a platform for her to promote any experiments. It’s not something she’s doing because that’s the next logical step in a political ladder. It’s not an interesting career change for someone who made it rich doing something else.

She wants this job and I’m thrilled to publicly endorse her for it as my #1 choice. She is, by far, the most qualified candidate in the race.

I don’t agree with her on every policy.

Do I think we’d be better off with a radical transformation of policing in America? 100%

Have I heard one single transition plan from anyone with data to back it up on something I trust will work? Nope. Minneapolis voted to defund but then no one could agree on what that actually meant. If they can’t figure it out in Minneapolis, I’m not quite sure how they’re ever going to figure it out in New York.

But our police budget, which has grown by over 30% under de Blasio. The force is bloated with overtime and over-policing in some areas, like the performative anti-terrorist presence on the Brooklyn Bridge that should get replaced with technology and under policing in others, like when it comes to curbing gun trafficking.

If you’ve ever run a large group of people, you know that culture change isn’t done at the podium. It’s a surgical strike of tons of (Read more…)