Miami Beach….My Quick Thoughts

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I wish I had a great fishing story from yesterday.

I will say nobody got a hook in the hand or got seasick.

The one fish I did try and land was eaten by a shark as I got it near the boat.

I have now been to Miami Beach a few times in the last few months. I got to see my sister a few times now and make some new friends and meet some of our LP’s that I had never met.

In the tech world, I had been hearing so much about venture capitalists and founders moving here that instead of just joking about it, I wanted to see for myself.

I really have had a great time visiting all the Miami neighborhoods and running into people I know on the streets – especially the design district.

The food is great. The traffic is bad. The weather has been great (obviously I have picked the right time of the year).

Tech deals will grow here and I think the tech migration is very real and early.

Taxes do matter too!