The All Raise x Crunchbase VC Checkwriter Dashboard

Women have historically been underrepresented in company and venture capital (VC) leadership. In 2020, Black and Latinx female founders combined received a tiny fraction (0.64%) of the hundreds of billions of VC dollars. Women also experienced a disproportionate socio-economic impact from the pandemic and a significant drop in venture capital funding. There’s never been a more critical time to put money in the hands of female check writers*, a group of investors proven to invest in female founders at a 2x higher rate

That’s why Crunchbase and All Raise have partnered to create the VC Checkwriter Dashboard, a dashboard that will track data on female check writers in the U.S.

*those who can write checks, lead deals, and sit on boards


Crunchbase and All Raise launch the VC Checkwriter Dashboard

Powered by Crunchbase data, the VC Checkwriter Dashboard will provide quarterly data on check writer diversity in the VC community. Specifically, the percentage of VC firms with no female check writers, and the locations across the U.S. where female check writers are most concentrated. 

This dashboard is another step for Crunchbase toward centralizing data to move the needle on diversity, equity, and inclusion. In August of 2020, Crunchbase launched Diversity Spotlight, a feature that highlights data about companies with diverse leadership and the investors who fund them.

“All Raise and Crunchbase are working toward a shared vision of equity and access for all. Combining our data and resources allows us to shine an even brighter (Read more...)