Mapped: The 25 Poorest Countries in the World

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poorest countries by GDP per capita

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The Briefing

  • The poorest country in the world is Burundi with a GDP per capita of $264
  • Nearly all of the world’s poorest countries are in Africa, though Haiti, Tajikistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan are notable exceptions

Mapped: The 25 Poorest Countries in the World

Having looked at the richest countries in the world, which nations are at the bottom of the list in terms of GDP per capita, in nominal terms?

This map looks at the world’s 25 poorest countries by this metric.

Country GDP per capita (USD)
?? Burundi$263.67
?? South Sudan$303.15
?? Malawi$399.10
?? Mozambique$455.01
?? Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)$456.89
?? Central African Republic$480.50
?? Afghanistan$499.44
?? Madagascar$514.85
?? Sierra Leone$518.47
?? Niger$535.83
?? Eritrea$585.16
?? Chad$639.85
?? Yemen$645.13
?? Liberia$653.60
?? Togo$690.28
?? Haiti$732.07
?? Sudan$734.60
?? The Gambia$746.33
?? Guinea-Bissau$766.75
?? Burkina Faso$768.83
?? Rwanda$823.40
?? Tajikistan$833.55
?? Mali$899.22
?? Uganda$915.35
?? Zimbabwe$921.85

All but four of these countries are located on the African continent.

Additionally, all of the 25 poorest countries, with the exception of Zimbabwe and Tajikistan, are (Read more...)