The Creator Economy – Crash Course

As a content creator I am overwhelmed by the tools at my disposal to create and distribute my content.

I also have anxiety about the missed eyeballs of my content…I know how to make the content but I don’t really know how to best distribute or properly monetize my content.

It is much like this great Seinfeld riff about ‘reservations‘.

I really liked this roundup/essay/podcast by Josh Constine titled ‘How the Creator Crisis forced artists to be founders‘. Bookmark it. I have gone through it a few times already.

Venture capitalists have ‘content creator’ FOMO right now as well which means more money will flow into the creator economy creating the flywheel/virtual loop of even more creator economy tools and monetization. Here is a creator economy market map to help you catch up on the sector.

At some point this year I will take the time to learn by doing and catch up with the ‘yoots’ in this new economy.





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