Momentum Monday…Still So Much Pessimisim Amidst The Speculation

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

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Happy Monday everyone.

As always, Ivanhoff and I spent 20 minutes pouring over the markets looking at the areas of Momentum. Have a watch/listen here. I have embedded it below :

I am starting to think there are two macros…one for the old physical world (thousands of textbooks and hundreds of years of history) and one for the digital world which is anyone’s guess with so little history.

Obviously fear and greed will still drive both worlds as they do all markets.

The stock markets continue their amazing rotation without wreaking too much havoc. Here is this weeks FREE Stocktwits 25 which does a great job highlighting where the momentum is hanging out.

The SPAC market is one of the exceptions and has been a disaster since February. But, let’s be honest…the EV craze was not founded in rigorous fundamentals. If you were greedy and had no exit plan the markets did what they always do.

In Charlie’s great weekly 5 chart Friday he points out what I said last August when I wrote ‘Supply Is Coming‘ on the topic of SPACs…

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