If you’ve been following the Tesla story, you’ll recognize some of these threads

Other car makers that offer hands-free driving options also have safety features that prevent this kind of misuse.

In addition to the tendency to run into stationary objects, there's this.

The Tesla battery fire issue has been a concern for a while now.

Federal safety officials are probing allegations of defective cooling systems installed in early-model Tesla vehicles.

Tesla installed cooling tubes prone to leaks in Model S vehicles beginning in 2012, according to internal emails cited by Business Insider last week. The Times reviewed copies of the emails and other documentation that show the tubes were installed from 2012 until 2016, at which time Tesla cut off a supplier and began manufacturing the tubes in house.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in a statement to The Times, said it is “well aware of the reports regarding this issue and will take action if appropriate based upon the facts and (Read more...)