Go-to-Market Strategy: Telling Your Product’s Story

This post is by Olivia Henderson from Georgian

Bringing a product to market is a lot like telling a story: you have to attract an audience, draw them in, keep them engaged and leave them wanting more. As a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Flashpoint, I use a variety of storytelling techniques to communicate the features and benefits of our new products to customers—and convert them from “casual readers” to loyal fans. Let’s take a look:

Know your audience and their needs

To craft a good product story, it’s critical to understand who you’ll be telling it to. It’s important to know who the audience is, what their challenges are, and how your product can stop, solve and mitigate the risks they face. But you also need to determine why the same product may appeal to a range of buyers. That’s where use cases come in.

At Flashpoint, we follow a use-case driven approach to determine who we’re targeting and why we’re targeting them. Our use cases include cyber threat intelligence, corporate and physical security, fraud, insider threat and vulnerability management. With this approach, I can shape the messaging to market our products to different teams, at various sized organizations, in dozens of industries. It’s sort of a “choose your own adventure” story instead of a “one size fits all” narrative.

Break your approach into “chapters”

Like any good story, your go-to-market approach will unfold as a series. Here at Flashpoint, we use a phased approach to bring products to market, using a checklist to make sure we (Read more...)