David Hogg Quits

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

David Hogg got a lot of publicity for gun control.  He fed a narrative that the press wanted to put a megaphone on.  He became a symbol.  Then, after the election, he got in a spat with My Pillow founder Mike Lindell.  If you don’t know My Pillow, just watch a conservative news channel or listen to a conservative talk radio show for 30 minutes. You will see an ad.

Lindell himself is interesting.  He was really down on his luck.  He was a crack addict.  He became a Christian and turned his life around.  He built a company manufacturing pillows and now other things in Minnesota.  It’s not easy to build a company in Minnesota since the tax climate isn’t exactly business-friendly.  It goes without saying the actual climate can be challenging several months a year.

Lindell has been virtually banned from all social media channels by the hard leftists that run Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  Banned not because of anything but his political beliefs.  Lindell is not singular in his experience.  The new Jim Crow is alive and well.

Hogg shot his mouth off and said he was going to compete.

He didn’t really have a great idea.  All he had was intense spite for someone he disagreed with.  Revenge entrepreneurship is never a good idea.

He wanted to start his manufacturing company in California.  Turns out that was a bad choice.  California is a worse place than Minnesota to start a manufacturing company.  There is a (Read more...)