Crypto and Change: How Cecilia Chapiro is Creating Social Impact with Venture Funding

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Cecilia Chapiro, Yunus & Youth Founder and Investment Adviser at UNICEF Ventures, is leveraging venture funding and cryptocurrencies to drive long-lasting social impact.

While working in the nonprofit sector, Cecilia noticed the shortcomings of the charitable model when it came to funding. At the same time, as she became increasingly involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, she realized that there was an abundance of money available—but it wasn’t going to minorities or founders from developing countries. She saw an opportunity to change that through UNICEF, a United Nations agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide.

We asked Cecilia about her journey into investing, the impact that she has seen through her fund, and the advice she has for game-changing social entrepreneurs.

Q: Tell us a bit about your fund. What’s your fund’s core theses and what types of companies do you invest in, and at what stage?

UNICEF’s Venture Fund invests in open-source, emerging technology digital (Read more...)