Tax Breaks for Corporates and the Georgia Voter Law

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

There is lots of blowback over the state of Georgia trying to defraud their elections.  The disinformation is pretty startling, but maybe not so startling since when you try to take fraud out of an election, it’s predictable who will whine the loudest.

I see Georgia-based Delta and Coca-Cola CEOs are grousing about it.  Interestingly, there are easy alternatives for people to make another choice when purchasing.  I know there are other airlines that fly, even though I do think Delta does a great job.  I also remember the old Saturday Night Live skit, “No Coke, Pepsi.”  If you don’t know, here it is in its full glory.  For a real-life experience go to the Billy Goat below Michigan Ave in Chicago.

Today, the Georgia legislature pulled all the corporate tax breaks away from Delta. I love this action by the legislature. It remedies a few things. First, there should be no special tax breaks for big corporations that other businesses can’t access. Second, the CEO of Delta ought to be on the hot seat since his big mouth just cost them millions unnecessarily.

CEO’s are in the business of running their companies and building equity for their shareholders.  They aren’t in the business of commenting on voting laws, unless they truly are discriminatory.  For example, a poll tax. Or, a limit on voting because of something no one can control like skin color.  Georgia’s law is nowhere near discriminatory.

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