Women in VC Making a Big Impact: Carmen Palafox

This new series focuses on successful women in VC and rising stars who are making a big impact as investors and who are making a making positive impact on the venture ecosystem. For this edition, we spoke with Carmen Palafox, Managing Partner at MiLA Capital. Carmen shares details on her VC career, her work with All Raise and Latinx VC, and more!

Tell us about your career journey into venture capital.

At Berkeley-Haas I was immersed in the Bay Area tech ecosystem soon after starting the Executive MBA program in 2012. Early on we had off-the-record meetings with founders of startups such as Quantum Scape, CloudFlare, and The RealReal. We went inside Facebook, Google, and Airbnb, and learned about the job from pioneering venture capitalists. I was blown away by the potential for exponential impact and the fast pace of business.

Venture capital was fairly new to me in 2012. The ecosystem in Los Angeles at that time was nascent. Snap Chat and the Honest Company were less than one year old but public and private interest in supporting startups was building. In 2015, after graduating from Haas I wanted to break into Los Angeles venture and help develop the ecosystem. I joined the founding team of MiLA Capital to put LA on the map for hardware tech. Our team invested in 22 hardware companies across many industries including LA-based Dash Systems, Emerge, FitGuard, Rufus, Thesis, Acqubit, and more.

What are you most proud of so far in (Read more...)