Women in VC Making a Big Impact: Bethany George

This new series focuses on successful women in VC and rising stars who are making a big impact as investors and who are making a making positive impact on the venture ecosystem. For this edition, we spoke with Bethany George, Managing Director at Rev1 Ventures. Bethany shares details on her VC career, her work with VentureNext, and more!

Tell us about your career journey into venture capital.

Growing up in a small business owner family, I have been passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners since I was a teen. Despite not knowing that venture capital existed, given that I am from a relatively small city/rural area where tech companies were few and far between, I thankfully stumbled upon a VC career here in my home state. At the same time, I was an undergrad student at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  A classmate from undergrad introduced me to an office on Ohio University’s campus that helped small business owners, students, and researchers commercialize their technology. I was fortunate to secure a full scholarship to attend grad school with a stipend to work in that office, where I helped launch a small pre-seed fund called TechGROWTH Ohio, a first for the region! We started brainstorming the idea on a whiteboard, and it is fantastic to see it still in existence today. Shout out to TechGROWTH Ohio, who just had a large exit. $258M in the region is huge!

My aspirations after graduation were to help put (Read more...)