Senior Investment Analyst – Flourish Ventures


Flourish is a venture firm that invests in entrepreneurs whose innovations help people achieve financial health and prosperity. We believe that a well-functioning and fair financial system helps people seize opportunities, better manage risks, and improve their lives. We support entrepreneurs who share this vision and have bold ideas that seek to change the system for the better.

As an evergreen venture fund backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, we invest at the early stage and deploy patient capital with a long-term perspective. We are thesis-driven and seek ventures across a variety of frontier themes such as challenger banks, personal finance, insurance, and other infrastructure technologies that empower people. In addition to our venture investments, we also partner with policymakers, thought leaders, and innovative regulators.

We spun out of Omidyar Network in Q1 2019 with a new $300 million commitment to accelerate our work with more autonomy. Our existing portfolio of $200 million in assets under management has supported the work of pioneering companies that have created entirely new sectors in financial services, and elevated the financial standing of millions of individuals, families, and small businesses globally. Our global portfolio includes more than 40 fintech companies and 10 ecosystem investments across several geographies and sub-sectors. Recent US activity includes for-profit investments in companies such as Unit, Skipify, SeedFi, Steady, Propel, and Hummingbird, and research grants for ecosystem leaders such as the Financial Health Network (FHN).

By joining Flourish, you will become part of a culturally and geographically (Read more...)