Attacked by a dog but feeling grateful

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What a title for a blog post right?

Well before I get into that story let me share how my day went and thank all the women that came to my rescue.

We are in New Orleans visiting our daughter who is a student at Tulane University.

We started the morning with a run and ended up at our favorite breakfast spot, Mollie’s Rise and Shine. I didn’t bring my wallet but they take Apple Pay. But it didn’t work after trying multiple times. As I was about to give up, this nice young women who was eating her breakfast outside comes up to the counter, takes out her credit card and offers to buy us breakfast. I was so moved by her gesture. I ended up paying her back on Venmo and we were on way. Touched by kindness and our hot breakfast sandwiches in hand.

Later that afternoon we took a walk down Magazine Street. At one point my wife and daughter were a few blocks ahead of me as I was making some photographs. At one point, I notice a pit bull on a leash about 10 yards ahead of me. A few seconds later the dog leaps at me and escapes from the owners grasp of the leash. I suffered four bites, one was fairly deep before the owner was able to grab the leash again. I think the whole intense affair lasted less than sixty seconds.

I have never been attacked by a dog (Read more...)