MQLs Are Here To Stay: How To Make Them Work For Your Company

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The marketing qualified lead (MQL) is useless—at least that’s what some marketers will tell you. 

The issue is that many companies aren’t using them correctly. Somehow, MQLs became the gold standard of marketing success, but that’s not (and never was) their purpose. While MQLs are one indicator of success, it’s not the sales-ready lead that many marketers believe it to be.

For example: In a 4-year study, our client Dynamis found that MQLs turn into sales meetings at 3x the rate that a cold lead does, and marketing-driven sales close at twice the rate. That’s undoubtedly essential data to have — but are companies using MQLs the most effectively?

By redefining and repositioning the MQL’s role in the sales and marketing process, companies can bring new power to this classification to increase their sales success. 


What is a marketing qualified lead?

A quick Google search will show you that — put very simply — a marketing qualified lead is a lead who meets certain criteria that indicate they are more likely to become a customer compared to other leads. 

At my company, we found that definition far (Read more...)