Instilling Corporate Culture

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

The pandemic stopped people from going to the office.  We can see a time where that won’t be the case anymore. Herd immunity by April is the projection of some scientists.  For sure by the middle of summer if governments do a good job of distributing vaccines.  Of course, relying on the government to do anything well is a lesson in mismanagement but I digress.

I wonder about how companies and firms will instill corporate culture into new employees.

When I was 21, I took a job at 3M.  The first order of operations was decamping to St. Paul, MN for the entire summer.  We started training in June after graduation.  I had around 15 people in my training class.  We stayed at a hotel right by the HQ and every day we’d put in 8 solid hours of training.  In the evening, my class would hang out.  We’d hang out on weekends too.  My wife had a similar experience with Johnson and Johnson.

You would meet rising stars in the company and relationships would be formed.  Mentorship happened.

You’d learn skills and facts about products, but you would learn things like, “25% of our top-line revenue is generated by products introduced in the last five years.”  You would hear stories of how a salesperson or scientist or marketing person created something that contributed to that top line.  That tells you, “we are innovative and we expect you to be innovative too.”  We even had informal rites of passage.  I (Read more...)