The Monthly Rundown, Bonus Edition: January Venture Rounds for Black-founded and Co-founded U.S. Companies

We’re back with a special Black History Month bonus edition of the Monthly Rundown. Following the classic Monthly Rundown style, this edition highlights Black-founded and co-founded companies with new funding from the last month. 

According to Crunchbase Diversity Spotlight data, only 20 of the nearly 800 U.S. funding rounds in January went to Black-founded and co-founded companies, representing just 2.56 percent. Even after the many declarations from VC firms in 2020 and pledges to “make the hire, send the wire,” there remains a long way to go in investing in, and leveling the playing field for, Black founders. 

The 10 Black-founded and co-founded companies featured below are listed in order of total funding raised in January, starting with the largest funding rounds. You can find the full list of Black-founded and co-founded companies with new funding in January here. And, if you’re a founder looking to get discovered, make sure your company is registered in Crunchbase, and your Diversity Spotlight tags are up to date.  


1. Calendly

HQ: Atlanta, Georgia

Industry: Productivity Tools, Scheduling, Software

Funding: Raised a $350 million Series B on Jan. 26. Lead Investor: OpenView

About Calendly: Founded in 2013 by Tope Awotona, Calendly is an automated scheduling tool that takes the work out of connecting with others so that its users can accomplish more. The company’s latest raise puts it squarely in unicorn territory. Calendly was the second most highly valued new U.S.-based unicorn in January, (Read more...)