Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) – Tell Me More Howie

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I’m down a rabbit hole now on NFT’s.

A quick refresher from Justin:

NFT’s are are unique items that live on the blockchain. They can be intangible or tangible. They can embed smart contracts and different other forms of licensing and business logic as well. I call it the “internet of cool shit”, but others have called it the “internet of value”, “internet of art”, or the “internet of collectibles”. I personally think this is the killer app for crypto.

Justin is so excited about this new format that he is starting a company and building a product. You can follow along on his blog.

The first person that brought them to my attention was of course Fred Wilson. Here is his explanation as he ‘learns by doing‘.

Michael Batnick went deep on ‘Top Shot’ which has been the ‘killer app’ the crypto crowd has been waiting for. Have a read.

Scott Belsky has a great post about this ‘New Economy of Digital Creativity‘.

This NFT world is likely the greatest unlock of artist opportunity in 100+ years. This isn’t a suboptimal or fringe version of the real-world art economy, it is a vastly improved one.

The easiest way I am being told to ‘learn by doing’ and have some fun speculating is to get a wallet on your browser and the one most recommended to me has been Metamask.

Off you go…