25 Non-Obvious Things I Learned About Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

This post is by n Rohit n from Influential Marketing

It took me three weeks to write this article. Sometimes you just need a little more time listening before speaking.

What I was listening to (and watching), were the 54 conversations we hosted last month as part of our Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit – an event that Chhavi Arya Bhargava and I created (in collaboration with SRC Partners and DICE) where we invited more than 200 authors, instigators and experts to imagine answers for a single question …

What will it take to create a more inclusive world?

Their answers, and the ideas they shared were illuminating. Before I share them, I should tell you that I approached this topic with curiosity and passion. I am not an expert in diversity or inclusion or equity. I do care deeply about it, though, and as an Indian-American living in the US I am professionally and personally affected by this every day.

For me, a more diverse and inclusive world is one where our two boys will see entrepreneurs, TV stars and politicians who look like them. It is one where they learn by example from the world (and from me) the right way to treat a woman, what mansplaining is, why being an ally matters and how a more inclusive world is better for women and for men.

That’s a lot to think about, and the truth is I’m still thinking. But I don’t want to wait to share these insights because I believe they can help many of us (Read more...)