Momentum Monday….Inflation Baby!!

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

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Off we go…

Oh boy…the markets keep giving. Don’t ask too many questions. It will get much harder one day.

This week is a bigly week for earnings. Stay on your toes. Stocktwits has an earnings calendar.

Here is the Stocktwits 25 which you can get free each weekend if you follow @stocktwits on Stocktwits or Twitter. It is where I start my weekly momentum work.

I will keep trying to ride the momentum and will keep this week’s post short. I shared a few new ideas in this week’s episode. I like the setups in $EBAY and hate to say it Goldman’s Sack continues to look like a big move higher is still to come. The margins the banks make for helping clients raise money over Zoom is not something they will let go of anytime soon. Less meals, less travel…more margins.

I just don’t believe that the end of COVID will hurt the poster children of COVID stocks – Docusign and Zoom (long $ZM).

Here is this week’s episode to watch/listen on YouTube. I have embedded it on my blog..

Here is Ivanhoff’s quick take:

The signs are all over (Read more...)